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Mission Statement
AHR is a producer of registered Black Angus seedstock. We use modern-day technology to produce sires and cows with multi-trait excellence that translates to real world performance. We utilize the highest quality genetics to ensure economic success for our customers. Customers should be assured of a quality product from Arrowhead Ranch. The success of our customers is our most important goal. Above all, our integrity and reputation are the primary focus for our operation.

Core Values
  • We exhibit integrity in dealings with customers, fellow cattle ranchers, and team members.
  • We are committed to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We strive to bring the latest and most modern management practices to all our ranching and agricultural operations.
  • We are committed to practicing bio security to maintain a healthy herd.
  • We follow BQA guidelines in the treatment of our cattle.

AIMS Program
We use the AIMS program to track everything about each animal. It allows us to upload registrations, weaning and yearling data to the American Angus Association and then download the EPDs directly into each record. We use it to record all health related and breeding information for each animal. One of the most valuable sections of AIMS is the "Simulated Breeding" where you can match up a sire and dam and see the projected EPDs of the unborn calf. We use it to determine which AI semen to use with our cows and heifers.

Health Program
We DNA test all our cattle at birth. This gives us the best tool in planning for the future of that heifer or bull calf. In addition, all animals are PI/BVD tested by era notch. We keep medical records on each animal.

New Calf Procedure
When a calf is born on our property, we follow the procedures below for working it while making sure the mama cow can see the calf at all times.

  1. Weigh calf and record hip height
  2. Give a Bovi-Sera shot SQ (5 cc at each injection site)
    • 20cc for health calf
    • 40cc for sick calf
  3. Tattoo each ear and rub ink in well
  4. Vitamin AD shot SQ (3cc)
  5. Vitamin B shot SQ (3cc)
  6. Put the ear tag in left ear (use small ear tag)
  7. Dip navel in iodine or spray on
  8. Give Probios Plus paste (5ml orally)
  9. Take an ear notch from right ear-clean ear with water first, not alcohol
  10. Take blood from ear for DNA submission
  11. If the calf later develops scours, give 40cc of Bovi-Sera every day until it is gone

Artificial Insemination Breeding Program
We use a Select Sync plus CIDR and Timed AI 10-day protocol. George checks the semen with a Phase Contrast microscope at 400 powers before using it. If the motility is not acceptable, another straw is used. 17 days after breeding we put some cows or heifers with the herd bull and pregnancy check by blood test 35 days after the AI date. If the test is positive, the artificial insemination was a success. If the test is negative, the bull will breed her next heat.

Our Promise
When you buy an animal from Arrowhead Ranch you can be assured that it has been raised with care and the very best-established practices for handling it from birth through breeding to your home. We stand behind every animal we sell. Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority.
  1. Our animals are Registered Angus with variety from the best Angus bloodlines and pedigrees.
  2. They are all DNA tested which will project the quality of the progeny they will produce.
  3. We supply a complete set of EPDs with the highest accuracy from their DNA testing.
  4. We maintain complete Medical Records with details from every time the animal has been worked in the chute.
  5. Every calf born on our property is tested for PI. Only those with negative results are kept in the herd and registered.
  6. Every calf born on the ranch undergoes a full complement of newborn procedures with vitamins, probiotics, and a serum that jumpstarts their immune system.
  7. Our cattle are handled frequently and are gentle and easy to move.
Our Ranch Practices
  1. We practice rotational grazing to better use the resources of our fields and keep fields clean.
  2. We do not use products that will damage the dung beetle population on the ranch.
  3. Standard biosecurity practices are followed to limit any disease exposure.
  4. We always use separate needles and gloves when treating animals and carefully disinfect all instruments between uses.
  5. We use the most advanced technology in the business to feed, breed, and maintain the herd.
  6. When breeding, all semen is checked on the microscope before using for AI.
  7. We follow up with our customers on their success with the animals they purchased.
  8. We are always available for questions and ranch visits. We enjoy sharing the ranch and our program with other seedstock and commercial producers.
  9. Arrowhead Ranch is a member of and supports the Middle Tennessee Angus Association, the Tennessee Angus Association, the Tennessee Cattlemen's Association and the American Angus Association.
  10. Our bulls are eligible for the highest amount for TAEP reimbursement.