George and Ginger Peak
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Mr. Peak,

Just wanted to give you an update on the two new bulls we bought from you last May. As of today, less than 10 months from purchase date, we have 12 calves and are expecting many more in the near future. The last cow delivered twins and both calves are doing well.

Thanks for the quality bulls. Your bulls always have great demeanors and are very easy to work in the handling system.

Randy Wimberly - return bull customer

Mr. Peak,

My father and I are very happy with the bull we purchased from Arrowhead Ranch last spring. Having a cow calf operation, it is important to have a bull that produces high quality, low birth-weight calves. Thanks for taking the time to go over each of the bulls, you had for sale at the time, and educate us on the particulars of genetic markers in selecting a bull that met our needs. AHR Objective Consensus B45 has certainly delivered as promised. Since the first of March 2016, we have eight calves out this bull, and each were born with a low birth rate that quickly picked up pounds and are nice looking calves.

Thanks again, and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with AHR.

Randy Wimberly -- purchased a bull from Arrowhead Ranch
Camden, TN

“From the moment we set foot on the Ranch, we felt welcome. Their expert knowledge of cattle has been very helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to ever buy cattle from George and Ginger.”

Al and Lindee Kutemeier -- purchased a bull from Arrowhead Ranch
Broken K Ranch --Momence, Illinois
I just wanted to pass along our experience with your beef. As you know we've purchased quite a few steers from you in the last five years. As we raised the steers, we have been extremely pleased with the overall quality of your animals. On all of them, we had no veterinarian bills throughout the finishing process of our beef. As if that wasn't great enough, the meat is so wonderful and tender, even our butcher is impressed with the marbling of the meat and that says a lot in our book. Each time we host a dinner with your meat, our guest can't believe the taste and tenderness of the meat! I'm convinced all of our experiences are not due to 'just luck' but really reflex your commitment in producing and selling only quality animals.

George, keep up the great work! We'll soon be knocking at your doors for the next steer.

Deb and Andy Kemler -- purchased steers from Arrowhead Ranch
Rocking K Farm --Hohenwald, TN
“He has been perfect. Stays at home and is easy to keep. He has performed his duties and all our heifers are pregnant with calves starting late June or early July. We are operating grass feed only and look forward to seeing what the spring and summer do for all our cattle.

My Dad and I want to thank you for providing us with such a quality animal, but more than anything for the hospitality you both showed us and all the information you shared with us. I truly appreciate being able to call you and get your opinion on issues. You both are wonderful folks and we are extremely pleased with the service we received from Arrowhead Ranch and anyone that buys any Angus cattle without checking with you first is making a mistake, both personally and monetarily.

Thank you for everything and we look forward to our next trip to Erin!”

David McGinley - purchased a bull from Arrowhead Ranch
McGinley Angus Farm --Knoxville, TN

Hope this note finds everyone at Arrowhead Ranch in good health and happy spirits. We are doing well at Dunrovin Farm. Just wanted you to know that Jimmy (the bull we bought from you in March) is doing well. He serviced his first two cows for us this week-end and did not seem at all intimidated by them being older and bigger (smile). Now we have to wait nine months and two weeks to see his offspring. He doesn't seem to be picking up weight, nor has he grown in height, but he is lively and seems to know his business.

We enjoyed our visit to Arrowhead Ranch. George welcomed us onto the property and was quite willing to share some of the things he had learned and done at Arrowhead. We loved his homemade feed troughs and lick tanks and the mats he puts inside cattle trailers. We enjoyed his friendly, easy-going manner and felt comfortable asking him questions about his breeding program and his engineering talents.

Ginger, we were delighted you came with George when Jimmy was delivered. You are a delightful couple. We enjoyed the brief time we were together.

Best wishes for continued success at Arrowhead. We know where to find you when we need another bull or additional ideas for improving our own operation.

Jim and Diane Miller -- purchased a bull from Arrowhead Ranch
Dun Rovin Farm -- Bethpage, TN