George and Ginger Peak
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We raise registered Black Angus bulls and cows for commercial farms and ranches and other seedstock breeders. We sell Angus bulls and retain our heifers for breeding. Every animal is DNA tested at birth or when they join the ranch. That lets us know how they will fit into our operation.

George does all the Artificial Insemination on the ranch and is trained in Embyro Transfer. As an avid reader of anything cattle related, he has a vast knowledge of cattle behavior, reproductive technology, and cattle diseases. Visitors to the ranch always come away with some new knowledge and often comment “I’ve never heard that before.”

We have embraced the new technology in the cattle business since we started our ranch and follow the cattle industry to make sure we use the most advanced and sustainable processes. In fact, George won an award for Conservation Farmer of the Year from Houston County in 2019.

Our genetic program focuses on what the cattle buyer is looking for; calving ease, $Weaned, carcass quality and great maternal qualities. Our goal is to meet the customer’s need for their genetic program.

We invite you to visit and see our operation in action!

George and Ginger Peak